Wednesday, March 30, 2016

PhD tips

My mom sent this ( forwarded by someone).

Salam and Hello. I have talked to a large number of PhD Students and many of them say that they feel they cannot finish their PhD. My take on this is “you can do it only if you find strategies to work efficiently, write quickly, and maximize every day you spend at work”. Following is a list of 35 suggestions that may help you overcome various physical, intellectual, and emotional hurdles during PhD completion. 1. Know your degree program requirements. 2. Create a Motivation Station. You may use some religious versus, music, games etc. Put motivational quotations on your desktop. 3. Write as much as possible. Start early on writing papers. 4. Learn to super-skim the literature. 5. Track your working time every day. 6. Choose an advisor who has a reputation for being helpful. 7. Keep a Victory Log. Reward yourself for achieving your goals/objectives. 8. Don’t let your dissertation committee members/supervisors avoid you. Ask questions. 9. Back up everything in multiple places. 10. Know at least the basics of Microsoft Office., especially track changes feature in MS Word. 11. Think about your research discipline in the midst of your daily life. 12. Use your dissertation proposal defence and conferences to your advantage. Ask questions, welcome your committee members' critiques, and listen for clues as to how to make your project go as smoothly as possible. 13. During work time, block distracting websites. 14. Collaborate with members of your cohort and other peers. 15. Use school supplies you enjoy. Your folders, pens, etc. should be in colors that inspire you. 16. Rest is productive. Take power naps. 17. Draw diagrams when developing an argument or a narrative out of literature. 18. Print out the main/key research papers while writing. 19. Never, never stare blankly at a computer screen. If you're not making progress, get up and move. Better to open a book or even gaze out a window, than to stare at a computer screen that’s going to fry your eyes and make you feel discouraged. 20. Keep an organized spot at home where you can get work done in spare moments. 21. Integrate your social media use into your work. Follow and interact with people and organizations whose posts might spark ideas related to your own research. Blog or tweet about your research. Your followers can be a sounding board as you develop your ideas. 22. Take advantage of all your university’s academic and non-academic resources: research librarians, online resources, dissertation support programming, writing labs, gyms, health services etc., 23. Use peer pressure to your advantage. You know that one grad student in your department who always seems determined to appear smarter and more accomplished than everyone else? Spend at least fifteen minutes around that person every time you need a jolt of ambition. 24. Keep convenience foods in your office. 25. Consider advice carefully, but don't always take it. 26. Consider how much time you spend on the various tasks involved in writing. 27. Free yourself from the grip of grammar and other lower-order concerns. 28. Use Endnote or a similar tool to manage and format your references and citations. 29. Keep up with the necessary sites, like Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, TheProfessorIsIn, ChronicleVitae, and any other site you can find that produces timely and reliable advice for graduate students in your field. 30. Love your work, and love the people for whom you work. Take heart. If you’ve read all the way to the end of this list, that's a sign that you do have the will to finish your Ph.D. quickly. Now all that remains for you to do is to put your new strategies into action. Stay motivated and blessed. All the best for your PhD.

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